Marvel Super-Heroes What The–?! EP. 43 “Ant-man’s No Small Feats”

I caught Episode 43 of What The–?! posted on August 3. If you like Robot Chicken, these short vids are in the same vein, but more all-ages. Ant-man becomes a sports phenomena. What is his secret and will it threaten his new career in the Super Hero Golfers Association?

The Avengers are so good at beating the bad guys that villains won’t show their faces. Now, the gang is bored.

What The–?! Episode 43

Ant-man, Captain America, the Wasp, and the Hulk discuss how they should pass the time now that villains are afraid to show their faces — Episode 43 of What The–?! ( 8/2015)

“To pass the time, my old Army chums and I would play ‘Kick the Can’! Hee Hee!”

Ant-man suggests Table Tennis, which he excels at. Just like Bo Jackson and Deion Sanders, Ant-man becomes a multi-sport superstar. Can he keep his unbelievable streak of 17 hole in ones on his SHGA tournament?

Ant-man on tour — Episode 43 of What The–?! ( 8/2015)

Check out caddy for the stars, Puck!

Super Hero golfer Ant-man and his caddy, Puck.

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