Monstrous Mondays: Godzilla in Hell review

In this week’s edition of Monstrous Mondays, we’ll look at the latest mini-series from the King of Monsters, Godzilla as the big lizard descends into Hell.


First off, I love IDW’s EC Variant Month. Secondly, what a cover by Jeff Zornow! This needs to be on a poster. Baphomet directs King Ghidorah to battle Godzilla while the big lizard is trashing the spires of Hell, a la reinterpreted Dante’s Inferno for the Atomic Age Monster.

What a brilliant concept. I can’t wait to see how James Stokoe handles this series and what interpretations he brings. Similar to Half-Century War, he does the definitive Godzilla art.


The descent was awesome. The signpost and Godzilla’s response: more awesomeness. The swirling cloud of the damned. The creature in the reactor cooling tower. (waitaminute – nuclear power plant in hell!?! oh man!)

Finally, the faceoff with Red Eye. What an iconic pose!


And then all hell really breaks loose. Page 14 – that is one evil looking beast. The whole fight is so intense. This is epic Godzilla action. Can’t wait for #2! How will it top this first issue’s insanity? I’m confident that Stokoe will show us even more demonic chaos next month.

One note: there are no humans here and this issue is dialog and narration-free. James Stokoe does a great job with the sequential art keeping things moving, the action is clear and the story flows through the art without needing any words.


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