“What’s In My Pull List?” Episode 1: the Omega Men #1

Though it has some flaws to tighten up, I really enjoyed the debut of the Omega Men.

Awesome “defaced propaganda poster” cover for The Omega Men #1 (2015).

Admittedly, I have a bias with this title. The Omega Men 1-6 (1983-84) was one of the best starts to a comic ever. After Giffen left, my interest in the title also left (BTW, this is also the title that spawned a bounty hunter named Lobo, as well as one called Bedlam, that I liked just as much).
first-volume-loboIn the spring of 1983, Omega Men #1 debuted. I was amazed. Omega Men had debuted in Green Lantern, then seen in an Action Comics two-parter, and then in an epic Teen Titans cross-over War with the Citadel. Alpha Flight had debuted a few years earlier in X-men and Omega Men really hit it big in Teen Titans. These were two of the most popular titles at the time and both had an amazing team guest-star in their title and had top creative teams at the helm. Then, in mid-1983, both guest-star teams were finally getting their own titles. Broot and Tigorr were two of my favorite 80s characters. Kalista, Primus and Nimbus were excellent supporting characters, among others. The Psions, Gordanians, Okaarans, Tamaraneans were interesting inter-galactic worlds. The Citadel were a bit silly, to say the least, but the other civilizations were excellent.

Broot was one of the most different strong characters developed since the Hulk and the Thing. The Omega Men #2(1983). Art by Keith Giffen.

There was a brief relaunch in 2006-07, but that was Omega Men in name only and was a strong departure from the roots.

Strong departure from previous roots? This series was a strong departure from anyone’s roots.

It appears that this relaunch will combine the best concepts from both previous runs and add new twists. The art was excellent. Tigorr looks fantastic.

Tigorr looks angry. Or hungry. Or mad that someone splattered their blood on him. Thoughtless casualties. Art by Barnaby Bagenda.

My only minor complaint is that his body shape looked quite different in a few panels, being substantially wider or narrower. Other than that, the group looks great. I’m looking forward to Bagenda settling into his style with these characters. The cover is iconic.

If only I knew what they were saying, maybe I could’ve given him advice for keeping his head… Art by Barnaby Bagenda.

I agree with another reviewer in saying that the writing was a bit cumbersome for a first issue. There was very little revealed, much due to untranslated alien characters surrounding a solitary word, like Alpha, Tigorr, or Viceroy. I hope this convention is eased out or King uses narration or a third-person to fill in the gaps in upcoming stories. Apparently there was a preview last month that I missed. It would’ve been nice to reprint that preview in the back of this issue. Possibly this preview makes #1 more understandable? Hopefully they include it in the inevitable trade paperback.

Emphasizing the terrorist aspect of the Omega Men could be very interesting. I enjoyed the way King portrayed the ruthless Viceroy and the Citadel soldiers.

Here’s hoping this is the start of something unique that gets better as King and Bagenda flesh things out more.


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