Round Table: Marvel’s Women (Part 4), Nebula and Gamora

Gatto di Sangue: Last Round Table, we talked about two of the best women in Marvel Cinema: Peggy Carter and Pepper Potts. This post, we’re discussing Nebula and Gamora.

This is the first time I noticed the skull bead in her braid. Cool! Nebula and Gamora facing off in Guardians of the Galaxy.
This concept art was similar but slightly different. Nebula looks more brooding than the tempest she was played as.

Gatto di Sangue: Guardians of the Galaxy is one of my favorite Marvel movies, but it has an unfortunate lack of strong female characters. Gamora was extremely bland and didn’t act like the deadliest woman in the galaxy.

Feral Atom: She could’ve been really cool if they had shown how she was such a deadly woman. She’s supposed to have devastating nerve strikes. Showing a few of these in the prison scenes would’ve went far in establishing her as deadly.

Anyone who can do this to Thanos is pretty deadly. What’s that, he was only faking? Oh… Still looks cool. I wonder how you fake your head exploding??
Or maybe showing her healing factor?

Gatto di Sangue: She had her moments, but her potential as a character was wasted in that movie.

Maybe if they had her hack up some random aliens?
Admit it, a nerve strike here with Nebula’s head exploding would have been awesome!

Road-sine: Peter Quill, Drax and Rocket don’t care about everyone else. So instead they made Gamora play the responsible and empathetic character. The movie had to have someone like that, otherwise the other characters wouldn’t have done anything.

Feral Atom: True. She was the moral compass of the movie.

“Did someone say that I was a moral compass?”

Gatto di Sangue: Female characters get the empathetic part a lot. It was out of character for a trained assassin like her to act like that.

Road-sine: That made her seem even less like the deadliest woman in the galaxy.

Maybe she would’ve seemed deadlier if she screams more?? I like the new battle armor.

Feral Atom: They probably saw that they needed something to drive the plot forward and elected her to drive it. I agree, in doing so, they diluted the core of her character.

Feliciteri: The movie really needed another character to take on this aspect.

Gatto di Sangue: She was the responsible character, surrounded by the less responsible male characters. Not necessarily a negative role, but not fitting for her.

Feral Atom: With the core of her character, she should’ve fit right in with the rest of the male characters. They really needed someone like Phyla-Vell, Mantis, or Nova or Warlock to take on that role. I can see why Marvel opted not to go in that direction with each. Each of these characters would be difficult to squeeze into the current storyline as a galactic outcast, but that’s enough for a post all by itself.

Feliciteri: I didn’t like Gamora but I really didn’t like Nebula. She seemed like a really weak villain.

Road-sine: I didn’t like Nebula, either. She was just fueled by jealousy, using the old sibling rivalry cliche. It’s definitely possible to make overused plot devices feel more original, for instance they could have made Thanos purposefully maintain a rivalry between Nebula and Gamora to prevent them from forming an alliance against him (or maybe he could have wanted Nebula to become an obstacle because he was getting wise to Gamora’s sudden change of heart oOOHh), but I didn’t get that vibe. It just felt like Thanos played favorites just because he could. (“Hey, all I’ve done in this movie is sit in my chair and call Ronan a “boy”…better up the ante and make Nebula hate her sister a lot! Hee hee!”)

Feral Atom: I can totally see Thanos saying that too!

Feliciteri: She did have a cool costume design.

Karen Gillan as Nebula in Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy surprise blockbuster.

Gatto di Sangue: She didn’t have much emotion to her other than envy. Her role in the movie was solely as opposition for Gamora. I would have much preferred her dying to Ronan. He was way cooler than her. Really the only good thing I can say about her is that she had a cool design, and kind of interesting powers.

Nebula did have some cool poses.

Feral Atom: I admit though, when she ripped off her arm instead of being helped by her sister, that was a pretty cool scene. Nice way to exit the movie. That was better than Ronan being mesmerized by the dance off.

Gatto di Sangue: Our next Round Table will be about the women in Daredevil: Claire Temple and Karen Page.


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