Heroes: Seasons One & Two

Heroes is an amazing show and I highly recommend it. I give Season One four and half stars and Season Two four stars. They are both amazingly written, have compelling plots, intriguing characters, skyrocketing fun factors, novel abilities and concepts, decent acting and good cinematography. This said, there are a few things I must mention that could have made this amazing show even better.

Sylar was my biggest problem with season two. He was one of the all-time coolest villains in season one. He was cold and creepy, but had a kind of twisted logic to his murderous ways. He was such a perfect villain that the show had to kill him off. If he was in the following seasons, it would be preposterous. He becomes annoying, like an itch on your back you can’t quite reach, instead of that cool, ice-cold villain you hated. The best Big Bads have short lifespans. The more persistent they get, the less cool.

Sylar was an awesome villain, but should’ve been left dead.

I don’t see why season two needed so many villains. Bob, Elle, Morry Parkman and Adam Monroe could have all easily filled the void Sylar left. Adam in particular, but Morry’s power was really cool (Elle and Bob were a little annoying). None of them could really match him in power, acting, or overall potency, but the season would’ve honestly been better off without him.

I didn’t really like how indestructible they made Sylar. He has yet to acquire a healing ability. So how does he withstand so much poison at the Company, a sword to the gut, hold up so well against Maya’s power and remain standing after receiving a serious electric shock from El? All of those were moves made with intent to kill. He’s super powerful, but none of the powers he took should be keeping him from getting hurt. This logic doesn’t seem to apply to anyone else with abilities.

Another point I would like to make, although a very minor one, is that there was no major standoff between Sylar and Peter Petrelli. There’s a brief one in Season One, Episodes 18 and 19. But it lasts for maybe 30 seconds and, while it’s very cool, leaves you wanting more. There is another one in episode 23, but that one doesn’t last very long, either. In season two, Sylar doesn’t see Peter at all; in fact Peter is still under the false impression that Sylar is busy being very dead somewhere. A standoff between the two most powerful people on Earth would be pretty awesome to see.

HEROES -- Pictured:Milo Ventimiglia as Peter Petrelli -- NBC Photo
Peter Petrelli was one of the only characters in the show that was a match for Slyar.

I found Niki, Micah and D.L. to all be incredibly dull characters. I like the way the show explained away Niki’s multiple personality disorder (the mind doesn’t know how to deal with the power and it sometimes causes a fracture, according to Bob), but I thought that the whole thing with Gina in season two was ridiculous. Jessica was getting old, so they replace her with someone even more annoying. She was the only character whose plot line held zero interest for me.

And West was just plain annoying. And weird. His every appearance rendered a synchronized, frustrated “UGH” from Road-sine and me. It felt jarring how easily Claire trusted someone who’d been spying on her and reeked of creepy vibes after Brody. Cocky jerks are her type, I guess.

West being very West-like.

While I would have much preferred both seasons without the romance, they were amazingly done. The characters Peter, Hiro and Ando were by far my favorites and were incredibly realistic. The other main characters were passable, none of them distracted enough from the show to be noted.

I am currently eagerly anticipating/dreading Heroes Reborn. While it has big shoes to fill, I have high expectations.


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