Heroes Reborn

I came out of watching Heroes: Reborn feeling unsatisfied and unaffected. While it was a fairly interesting concept, the characters didn’t snag you in like they did in the original series. They all felt monochrome; very similar to one another. They are all afraid of their abilities and tentative to show anyone what they can do. While this is understandable (the Evos are being hunted down) it makes them lack individuality. So far, the characters’ don’t have much personality, but I’m hoping they will evolve with the story, gaining depth as the series progresses.

A portion of the large cast for Heroes: Reborn.

Luke and Joanne Collins are the current villains of Reborn. They don’t have any abilities, they’re just two lunatics with guns who want all Evos dead. The two of them kill half a dozen Evos with laughable ease, making their powers look pitiful with two pistols and a fire extinguisher. I find them to be ineffectual villains and I hope someone else takes their place as the main villain.

Luke and Joanne’s personalities and motives don’t seem very realistic.

The original series had a fast plot, a little mystery, fleshed out characters (not all of them were likable, but they all had depth) and a great plot. While I’m unsure of the quality of this new series, I’m definitely going to see it through its course. I’m not going to give up on it after the first two episodes, but my hopes for the next episode are lower than they were for the first.

Miko (a.k.a. Katana Girl) was one of the more interesting characters thus far.

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