#2 Peggy Carter: Top Ten Hardest-hitting Female Heroes

The votes were in from our panel and Peggy Carter came in second. She first appeared in Tales of Suspense #77, May 1966. Hayley Atwell first portrayed Peggy Carter in Marvel’s Cinematic Universe (MCU) in Captain America: the First Avenger in 2011.


Peggy Carter gets her own one-shot and it’s one of the best.

Though she doesn’t have many appearances in the comics, her original appearance in the Captain America flashback WWII story in Tales of Suspense #77 is powerful, especially for the era. She plays an unnamed underground fighter in occupied France that gets captured and lined up for a firing squad.

“They may murder us, but they’ll never break our spirit.”


This is powerful writing here: “Go ahead… shoot me! At least I shall die for freedom! But, when the Allies finally crush you into the muck you rose from, what will you have died for? Nothing but an insane Fuehrer.”


“I can’t leave! This war is everybody’s war…”


In an explosion, she suffered memory loss and Cap was destined to lose his wartime love.

In the MCU, her first action involves her doing this:


That’s quite a right hook.

Then she gets the one-shot that takes place after the war when she hunts down Zodiac. It’s awesome. “Three to five agents recommended” but Agent Carter takes them out by herself.

When the goons hear her English accent, they ask, “You’re not from around here, are you?”

She replies, “No, I ilve in Brooklyn, actually.” Hilarious!

She witty, confident, resourceful, headstrong and beautiful. What more could we want? Of course, this was an audition for a TV show and Hayley was cast as Marvel’s first female lead after such a strong showing.

Next up, she gets her own TV show. Oh, and she appears in Captain America: Winter Soldier and in Ant-man.

Her TV show is a fantastic period piece, taking the best aspects of First Avenger (including the Howlin’ Commandos) and adds in a Captain America radio show. She now has a new season. I hope they have more of the radio show in the second season.

The Howlers were great in First Avenger and on Agent Carter. More please!
Hayley portrayed Peggy perfectly. A generation of young women will be looking up to her for years to come.


I love that they portrayed her struggles with male resentment in the post-war years and had those same colleagues looking up to her by season end.
Dottie was a scary bad villain. Maybe she was meant to be the first “Black Widow”?
Angie was dynamite and had great chemistry with Peggy on screen.

3 thoughts on “#2 Peggy Carter: Top Ten Hardest-hitting Female Heroes

  1. Alas, Netflix passed in saving Agent Carter S3 but I really hope we’ll see more in her own movie(s) or MCU Agent Carter comicbook series if to tie up the S2 cliffhanger. *sigh* I still would like to see her in more adventures tho since so many threads were left unanswered and then, there’s her founding S.H.I.E.L.D etc. 🙂


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