Black Widow and Daredevil team up on the West Coast in Marvel Masterworks Daredevil Vol 9

Collects Daredevil 85-96 by Gerry Conway and Gene Colan. Only one extra, original art from #91 page 10, Gene Colan and Tom Palmer.

This collection might be just below five stars in my opinion. It’s close. This is some of Gene Colan’s best art in the Marvel Age this side of Tomb of Dracula, especially when he’s inked by Tom Palmer. Gerry Conway’s writing took a big step up this issue. I liked the change of location to the Bay Area, but Horn Head goes with Hell’s Kitchen like Thor goes with Asgard. I would’ve liked better rationale for Daredevil and his foes for choosing the Bay Area.


The more these issues focus on Black Widow, the better. Between this volume and the last one, she really came into her own during this period. Colan illustrated her very nicely.


Colan’s rendition of the Bay Area is great, especially when he’s rendering the fog with lights in it. Murky and spooky. I wish Conway had taken this hint to do more with the creepier bad guys, like the Man Bull and Mister Fear and do them a bit more monstrous. Don’t get me wrong, Electro and Killgrave are fine villains, but the noir origins of the city combined with Widow and Colan’s moody artwork could’ve made for some epic gritty tales.


Daredevil and Black Widow also face the Gladiator (on an airplane) as well as the Indestructible Man and the Blue Talon (very forgettable in his only appearance).81D955ZfarL

The last five issues collected here (92-96) rename the title to Daredevil and the Black Widow on the covers. Very apropos given how much “screentime” she gets.



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