#4 Toph: Top Ten Hardest-hitting Female Heroes

Continuing our series on the Hardest-hitting Female Heroes of all time, we have Toph Beifong at #4.

Toph from The Desert episode by trekkitties.

TophToph is an earthbender in the television series Avatar: the Last Airbender. Before she joins the Avatar’s group, she is a rich blind girl with overprotective parents and moonlights as the sole champion of Earth Rumble VI (which is like a wrestling competition, but with bending). She goes to Earth Rumble VI in secret; her parents think that she’s helpless because she’s blind. However, she can “see” through vibrations and sounds. She ends up joining Aang’s group without her parents’ knowledge, and kicks major butt throughout the rest of the series.

She has a tough, bold personality. Toph has a strong character and she’s also a strong fighter. She uses her bending in interesting and novel ways and even learns to metalbend (based on the fact that most metals are derived from minerals). She always says what she means, and is a very fun character.

Scene from The Ember Island Players episode, where Toph is cast in a play as a big, buff guy who ‘sees’ by releasing sonic waves from his mouth.

Katara is the only other female main character (that isn’t evil and crazy) and she has a more maternal and empathetic role. Toph’s headstrong, gutsy personality gives the show balance. It’s fine to have a female character in a more typical female role, like Katara’s, but it’s good to provide diversity and balance with a character like Toph.


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