Supergirl TV Series

Superkitty, drawn by trekkitties, seems to have eaten too much pasta (happens to the best of us, right?). Oh well. Crime fighting can wait.

The Supergirl TV series depicts Supergirl as being just as powerful as Superman (whom the constantly refer to as “him”), but because Earth already has a protector, Kara decides to attempt leading a normal life. But when her sister (not an alien) was about to die in a plane crash, Kara is forced to use her powers for the first time in years.

While the show was good and I’m definitely going to give it a chance, the plot and characters are lacking. The characters have very little depth and personality, and so far come off pretty 2-demontional. The pacing is odd, and much too fast. We’ve seen very little of Alex, Kara’s Earth sister, before she is placed in a situation of peril. Not knowing either of them, we don’t feel the necessary sympathy for the characters to appreciate the scene’s intensity.

The Supergirl television series shows promise, but doesn’t portray our heroine as very strong. Hopefully, this will change as the story progresses.

I think that the DC shows are underestimating the effect character depth has on an audience. It pulls them into the story the show tells, makes them root for the hero, and provides interest even when there is a lull in the storyline. But the motives and character traits of the heroes in Flash, Arrow, and Supergirl make them unrelatable. They’re all shown to be people with compassion for other people whose parent(s) died tragically in past years. Usually the parent’s death is their drive to save other people. The tragic past is kind of overused, and I wish that DC would do something fresh to compare with what Marvel Cinema has been doing (although I realize that in Daredevil, Matt’s dad dies tragically, too).

The wirework is also distractingly obvious, and that tears you out of the show. But it still shows promise. With Jessica Jones coming out soon, there is a need for a female superhero show geared toward younger girls. Although their fist villain committed suicide because he lost (something I’m noticing a lot of DC villains do), I’m hoping that the show will try to get a younger female audience.


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