#5 Wonder Woman: Top Ten Hardest-hitting Female Heroes

Continuing our series on the Hardest-hitting Female Heroes of all time, we have Wonder Woman at #5.

Most people find Wonder Woman a very polarizing character. To some people, she is symbolic as a strong female character and one of the only female heroes that can compare to Superman. Others complain that she only has a lasso of truth in her weapons arsenal, rendering her character lame.

I am not a huge fan of Wonder Woman, nor am I a hater. Like all heroes, it just depends on how she’s written.

Wonder Woman (drawn by trekkitties) wouldn’t be a very successful heroine if she was a cat, would she?


She has a super cool character: a super-strong warrior woman trained in the fighting techniques of the Amazons. The principle of her character is awesome!

But there are some things that strike me as pretty ineffective. Namely, her bullet-proof bracelets (why doesn’t she have a shield or suit of armor?), her invisible jet (I don’t see the point of having an invisible jet if you can see everything in it and hear it), and her rarely-used warrior training.

I wish that she would use wrestling moves or something. I’m cool with her punching stuff really hard, but everyone does that. It would make her stand out if she used technique paired with her strength.

Depending on the writer, she can be done awesomely or really, really badly. Just like any character, from Superman to Squirrel Girl.


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