#7 Ms. Marvel: Top Ten Hardest-hitting Female Heroes

When Captain Marvel vacated the alias “Ms. Marvel,” Kamala Khan took the name. This isn’t Marvel’s replacement for Ms. Marvel (like what they’re doing with Captain America and Thor). Captain Marvel still exists in their universe, they’ve simply added a new hero to the mix. I would prefer that they used this method (building a new character, instead of replacing one) to diversify their characters.

The book doesn’t make a big deal about her being Muslim. It isn’t preachy about the religion: it’s simply part of her everyday life, just like her love of superheroes. She doesn’t rant about her religion, race or gender. It’s all just a part of who she is.

Ms. Marvel.jpg
Ms. Marvel drawn as a kitty by trekkitties.

Ms. Marvel is, personally, my favorite comic book series that is currently being published. It’s full of fun, action, humor, good characters and character development. It has a more optimistic outlook than most of comics being put out (they tend to feature dark subjects and hero deconstruction). Kamala Khan is kind of flawed as a hero and as a person, but that isn’t where the book’s focus is.

I enjoy reading her interactions with other characters in the book, like Bruno and her parents. However, I do prefer reading about her as a hero to her as a teenager. She isn’t from the infuriatingly stereotypical mold that is usually used on teens in media: ungrateful, whiny, argumentative and unpredictable. The book isn’t a teen drama series, or a romance comic book. So while I don’t mind when the series delves into other subjects, I read it for the well written characters and crime fighting.

It’s an amazing comic book series that I highly recommend—and it’s very difficult to put down.


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