Best of Supernatural Season One

These are my top favorite episodes of Supernatural‘s first season (there may be some minor spoilers):

Episode #3, “Dead in the Water”
In “Dead in the Water,” Sam and Dean investigate several mysterious drowning cases. I like this episode because it has a bit more mystery and tension then the first two. It stands out to me as the first episode I liked. It convinced me to give the show a chance.

Episode #5, “Bloody Mary”
Sam and Dean look into a strange death that seems to fit the urban legend “Bloody Mary.” Bloody Mary looked really creepy; her unnatural movements and undead appearance made her a very convincing ghost. The episode also demonstrated a good reason why Sam and Dean are hunters: spirits, even the ones seeking vengeance on the unrighteous, view the world with a black-and-white mentality. Bloody Mary convicts an innocent girl of a crime she didn’t commit.


Episode #10, “Asylum”
In “Asylum,” Sam and Dean explore the abandoned Roosevelt Asylum, which is haunted by the patients who rioted there in 1964. With its twisted ghosts and the overall eeriness of the building itself, this episode leaves you on the edge of your seat.

Episode #11, “Scarecrow”
Sam and Dean split up after a having a disagreement about their father. While they’re separated, Sam meets Meg Masters, who continues to appear throughout the season. Dean contends with an unnervingly perfect town surrounded by mysterious annual deaths and the creepiest scarecrow ever.


Episode #12, “Faith”
When Dean gets electrocuted during a hunt, his heart is damaged and doctors say he has only a few weeks to live. Sam is determined to find a cure and the brothers go to a preacher who claims to heal people with the power of the Lord. When the preacher heals Dean, Sam and Dean discover the dark price for the miracle.

Episode #15, “The Benders”
Sam and Dean investigate a series of strange kidnappings in “The Benders.” When Sam goes missing under similar circumstances, Dean pretends to be a police officer and searches for his brother with a deputy named Kathleen. The kidnappers turn out to be nothing like they expected.

Episode #17, “Hell House”
Sam and Dean investigate a spirit, Mordechai Murdoch, whose MO doesn’t follow that of a typical spirit. While investigating, the brothers meet the writers of an urban legend site, called Hell Hound’s Lair, Ed and Harry. They reappear in a few episodes later in the series.

Episode #18, “Something Wicked”
When Sam and Dean look into a mysterious rash of comas among children in Fitchberg, Wisconsin, they face a creature they’d encountered when they were kids. This creature is a shtriga, which feeds on the life forces of humans.


Episode #19, “Provenance”
While Sam and Dean are investigating the murder of a couple, they notice an eerie family portrait from 1910. After doing some research, they find out that every owner of the painting has died, starting with the family in the portrait.


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