First Pre-code Werewolf Story by Don Heck

As if Marvel superb Werewolf By Night Omnibus wasn’t stuffed to the gills (fangs?) with werewolf stories, thefanaticfour decided to give you our own extras, posting two original werewolf tales from the pre-code pre-Marvel Atlas era.

From Dead of Night #4, June 1974 comes this excellent John Romita cover (possibly penciled and inked).

dead of night 4

The original story was published in the Atlas Era from Mystery Tales #25 in 1955 by Marvel Age workhorse Don Heck. This story happened to be Don Heck’s first work for Atlas, years before he joined Ditko and Kirby on the pre-Marvel monster titles: Journey into Mystery,  Strange Tales, Tales to Astonish and Tales of Suspense and one story in Amazing Adventures.

I was surprised to see that Don Heck’s Atlas Era work was usually far better than his later work during the Marvel Age.

The original printing of “Werewolf Beware” occurred two months before Mystery Tales and dozens of other titles had the dreaded Comics Code of Authority seal slapped on them. For years, werewolves would be forbidden.






Long before Werewolf By Night debuted in Marvel Spotlight #2 in 1972, this story proves that werewolves can be heroic. If you liked this post, check out another Atlas era werewolf story from Marvel Tales #116 called “Werewolf By Night“.


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