The Original Werewolf By Night Story



After doing a review of Marvel’s Werewolf By Night Omnibus, we figured we would unearth the original tale that carried this awesome name back in the Atomic Age of comics.

The original name “Werewolf By Night” was used in the Atlas Era horror anthology Marvel Tales 116 July 1953. That issue featured a fantastic cover by Atlas stalwart Joe Maneely and is in effect a bonus three-panel comic.


Inside, the five-page story has pencils by William Weltman and inks by Jack Abel. It would’ve been extra cool if Marvel had included this story in the back, like they did for the Defenders Masterworks.

Issue #116 had five horror story in all, including a 6-page lead story by Joe Sinnott called “Don’t Step into My Parlor.”

Seeing that they didn’t include the original story in the omnibus, we’re including it here for those that are curious.

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Werewolf By Night-01

Werewolf By Night-02

Werewolf By Night-03

Werewolf By Night-04

Werewolf By Night-05

If you liked this post from the Atomic Age, check out another pre-code link to the Marvel Age and the Werewolf By Night Omnibus, Don Heck’s first work for Stan Lee on Mystery Tales #25 from 1955, reprinted in Dead of Night #4 in 1975. It just so happened to be a werewolf story called “Werewolf Beware” and proves that werewolves can be heroic long before comics first werewolf hero got his own title.


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