The Martian

The Martian is a hard science fiction movie. The film uses some technical and scientific jargon, but clarifies so that the viewer can easily understand the complex issues and solutions. The general intelligence of the characters in the show is formidable, but they are all given relatively down-to-earth, relatable personalities. The main character, Mark Watney… Read More The Martian

Startling Stories Later Era Pulp Covers

Startling Stories pulp magazines by Thrilling Publications had amazing covers throughout its run, but possibly the best covers were near the end of the title’s history. Here are three red banner cover designs from the mid-fifties and one white banner design from the underrated Alex Schomburg. Walter Popp Ed Emshwiller These two pieces signed  by… Read More Startling Stories Later Era Pulp Covers

Avengers Vibranium Edition Titanic Collection

The Avengers Vibranium Slipcase front by Alex Ross in homage to Jack Kirby’s Avengers 4 cover. The Vibranium Edition is similar to the X-men Adamantium Edition and slightly different height and width than the King-Size Kirby or Taschen 75 years of Marvel. These are huge books that some people might find difficult to handle. Personally,… Read More Avengers Vibranium Edition Titanic Collection