Jessica Jones: Alias Volume 1 Review

This review is from: Jessica Jones: Alias Vol. 1 (AKA Jessica Jones) (Paperback)

This trade collected Alias #1-9 just before the Netflix series “Marvel’s Jessica Jones” was released in November.

There are two extra pages of sketches and an introduction by Jeph Loeb (Marvel’s Head of Television and Executive Producer on each of the announced Netflix series. He was also involved with Heroes back in the day).

First off, in case you didn’t see it, there’s an explicit content warning on the front cover. Lots of swearing and a sexual situation, for those that care.


Jessica Jones: Alias is about a “flash in the pan” hero who now is in a downward spiral and running a detective agency. One of her new cases puts her square in the crosshairs as she uncovers a secret identity for an A-lister. Now the intrigue mounts and she doesn’t know where to turn.

Her next case has her searching for Rick Jones, but what is he hiding from and is he truly even the real Rick Jones? They share the same last name. Could they be related?

Alias is about the other side of the curtain, when a hero has had enough and tries to put the “super” part behind them. It’s a hard-boiled thriller that will keep you guessing. The art by Michael Gaydos ranges from okay to good, with heavy inks trying to evoke noir. Bill Sienkiewicz does the fantastic and evocative cover artwork. The collection features an amazing cover by David Mack.

Jessica Jones wastes no time, exploding through the Alias Investigations’ window.


Brian Michael Bendis does a great job writing the series and really creates a unique feeling title. Though I’m not a fan of any of his recent work, it’s clear he was an agent of change when he wrote Ultimate Spider-Man and Jessica Jones:AliasAlias was considered the flagship book to Marvel’s MAX line of comics, which were essentially R-rated comics.

There’s some excellent dialog, almost Tarantino-like in the word-play, such as this scene between Carol Danvers (Captain Marvel) and Jessica about Scott Lang (Ant-man).

Bendis has several inside jokes in this scene alone. I love the references to Ant-Man and Scott Lang.


Bendis says he loves the Netflix series. I really enjoyed the show. I liked Daredevil a bit more and, for me, Daredevil has a higher rewatch value, mostly because some of Jessica Jones’ intensity level was so high, it’s difficult to watch if you aren’t in just the right mood. I read this collection, watched the show, and then reread the collection. I liked the show better, but there are some cool things that they tried to do in the comic that could’ve helped the pacing a bit better for the show.

I’m looking forward to these shows as they build towards the Netflix/Marvel crossover series, the Defenders.

Art by Isaac Goodhart, 2015, taking the scene where Jessica tries on her supersuit (Jewel) in front of Carol Danvers, and replacing with Krysten Ritter and Rachael Taylor’s likenesses. Well done!



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