Startling Stories Later Era Pulp Covers

Startling Stories pulp magazines by Thrilling Publications had amazing covers throughout its run, but possibly the best covers were near the end of the title’s history.

Here are three red banner cover designs from the mid-fifties and one white banner design from the underrated Alex Schomburg.

Walter Popp

Art by Walter Popp. Two young intrepid adventurers try to evade the forces in pursuit.
Art by Walter Popp. 

Ed Emshwiller

Art by Ed Emshwiller (signed “Emsh”) from Summer 1955, lavishly illustrating a space pilot’s horror at the discovered human remains on a harsh alien world.

These two pieces signed  by “Emsh” show  such diversity. The first one, done three years later, conveys the shocking horror on the woman’s face and the severe climate of the world they are on. The second one has an ethereal quality to the woman and the soft atmosphere. The men stumble as if on their last legs (or already a zombie herd?)

StartlingStories_No 14 1952.jpg
Art by Ed Emshwiller, 1952.


I love these giant fiery maidens snickering at the downed space pilots who can only watch in frustration as their spacecraft erupts in flames.


Alex Schomburg

Three of the last four regular issues  were white banner designs. This spectacular cover demonstrates Alex Schomburg’s versatility. Long-time pre-Marvel/Timely cover artist Schomburg did more than 100 covers for Marvel.

Had he painted this piece a decade later, this rocky alien crumbling under the fiery onslaught could easily be imagined as the Thing from the Fantastic Four entering the Negative Zone.

Painted cover art by Alex Schomburg, October 1953.


Another amazing cover. Astronauts repair damaged spacecraft.



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