Mystic Comics #8, March 1942

“With doom on all sides, the Destroyer plunged into the terror den” proclaims the cover of the rare Mystic Comics 9 from March 1942.

This short-lived title started off with fantastic Alex Schomburg covers but underwhelming content inside. Some of the ideas had promise but weren’t fully developed.

After issue 3, the publishing schedule became erratic with months coming between the next two issues. Then Stan Lee and Jack Binder created the mighty Destroyer for issue 6. He was promoted heavily from the start, being featured on each of the next five covers until the title was suspended.

Issue 8 is an especially sought after issue from the obscure title.

The title box cries out “Starring the sensational fighter of dictators, the mighty destroyer !” That clarion would fit in with Stan’s brilliant hyperbole of the Marvel Age. In this issue, the Destroyer story features Hitler. The Destroyer fought behind enemy lines and frequently got under the skin of the insane dictator.
Besides featuring a 15-page Destroyer adventure by series creator Stan Lee and a fabulous double-page spread for the rising Marvel/Timely star, this issue also has one of four Blazing Skull tales ever done and one of three Black Widow stories (Marvel’s first female hero, no relation to the current red-headed heroine, and supernatural mistress to Satan).

If that isn’t enough to make this a collector’s treasure, Stan Lee writes “The League of Crime” story with the Challenger and the Deadly Imp story.

There’s also a 12-page story with the Black Marvel, a character that never really caught on (no powers and very derivative of earlier caped crusaders.)


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