Darth Vader Issue #19

The Darth Vader comic book series is written by Kieron Gillen, with great art art from Salvador Larroca. An introductory at the beginning of the book surmises previous events in the series, paying homage to the Star Wars movies. This makes it easier to jump into without reading the other issues in the series.

Although my favorite characters are definitely Beetee and Triple Zero, Darth Vader is done very well. His cold, menacing demeanor and calculated skill make him a perfect villainous main character. The way he’s portrayed in this series isn’t as a loose canon or a power-hungry psychopath, as a typical villain would be. He’s written realistically, having his own reasoning behind the carnage he causes. Vader doesn’t kill for the sake of killing—he does it to keep information from leaking out, or because it was simply not easily avoided. This rational helps to ground his character.

I didn’t find the twins—Aiolin and Morit—very interesting. Their motives were unclear and their lack of devotion to any one or any cause left them feeling flat and incomplete. Despite these character flaws, they do not detract from the enjoyment of the book.

The series is written in a very fun and easy to read style. The black humor, typically from Triple Zero and Beetee, was hilarious. The droids are the best part of the books. Triple Zero, a bloodthirsty version of CP30, maintains the constant chatter his golden displayed in the movies. This is paired with a well-written and fun companionship between Triple Zero and Beetee that mirrors CP30 and R2D2’s friendship. Some of their interchanges are the highlights of the series, and Triple Zero’s inspirational speech at the beginning of the book has to be one of my all time favorites.

Overall, I would recommend Darth Vader, wether or not you are a fan of the Star Wars movies, as one of the most enjoyable books being put out.


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