A Quick Look On “Hercules” Issue #6

Hercules, issue #6, written by Dan Abnett with art by Gordan Sudžuka & Dalibor Talajić. This series is about Hercules (he’s also referred to as Herakles, Herka, and Herc, but I personally like to call him Herky) and he’s teamed up with a few other heroes to combat something called the Uprising Storm. There’s also this guy called Cryptomnesia and he seems kinda evil—left some sort of mark on Herky’s arm that apparently has tech in it. (Fun times.)

Nothing much happens in this issue; no action at least. The first half is mostly feasting and talking and the second half is mostly the unhappy discussion of sensitive personal issues. Overall, Herky rocks a man-bun, Gilgamesh models the lumberjack look, no one helps Sophia bring the dishes up to the dining table except a demon-y centaur dude, and I spend the entire issue trying to figure out whether Tiresias is a dude or a lady. (Now I’m kinda leaning more toward lady, but it’s close.)

Read for the man-buns, demon-y centaur dudes, and the guest appearance of an Avenger.



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