Sub-Mariner Comics no.6, Summer 1942

Sub-Mariner Comics was a quarterly series starring Namor in two 20-page stories and the Golden Age Angel in another 20-page story. This issue also had Pop’s Woppers.

Sub-Mariner Comics no.6, Summer 1942 from pre-Marvel Timely. Cover art by Alex Schomburg. What a riveting cover layout as Namor takes on warriors from the Rising Sun while a cruiser steams through the Panama Canal. Schomburg captures Namor’s power and sublime grace as he throws one parachutist while skimming across the water to clobber another. Meanwhile submachine gun fire bounces off his skin from point blank range.

The first Sub-Mariner tale is the”Missing Finger Mystery” where Namor takes a turn being a detective in a lumberjack camp in Canada. The art is historically credited to Carl Pfeufer and Bill Everett, but it looks like Pfeufer is much more prominent. Pfeufer was an underrated artist that filled in for Bill Everett when he was called up for service in WWII.

Pfeufer did warships and water almost as well as Everett.

“Sub-Mariner Fights the Periscope Peril” is an action-packed second adventure, but also has some racist caricatures as Namor disguises himself as a Japanese sailor aboard a battleship.  
Meanwhile, the Angel is awesome in “Death Sees a Doctor” by Gustavus Schrotter. The Angel stories are always guaranteed to be weird and this one doesn’t disappoint.


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