Space Riders volumen uno

The variant cover of Space Riders hits your eyes with high octane fuel. The inner pages bore straight through your soul with a combination of Jack Kirby cosmic, electric guitar fuzz, old skool heavy metal mature reader ultra-violence and a dash of ‘shrooms. Pick up this hardcover now. It’s like nothing else on the shelf.

I double-dog dare you to say that this is hyperbole.

Variant cover for Space Riders HC

Variant cover for Space Riders volumen uno HC, 2015, Black Mask. Created by Alexis Ziritt and Fabian Rangel Jr, the cover showcases their skullship, the Santa Muerte!

Capitan Peligro gets stabbed in the eye on the second page, left floating through the void with the knife still protruding through his helmet. The colors palette is other-worldly and psychedelic. This tome is rabid; every page drips with crazy intensity. Add in a humanoid baboon mercenary (Mono), a cyborg with laser beam jubblies (Yara), a space whale,and wooly mammoth priests to boot!

Vortex of Madness

Besides having mind-bending coloring and splatterhouse artwork, Space Riders also has the best chapter titles: Vortex of Madness, Escape from the Haunted Planet, Tomb of the Space Gods, and This Vengeful Universe.

Space Riders no.1 featuring The Santa Muerte

Cover from Space Riders no.1, Black Mask, 2015. The skullship is the Santa Muerte with badass Capitan Peligro at the helm.

Megadose of Mayhem

What a wild two-page spread. Vintage! Yes, Yara is shooting frickin’ laser beams out of her jubblies.

Space Riders no.3

Space Bathomet looms menacingly in the background of the cover to issue three while an electric blue skull gazes silently.

You’re gonna need more guys

Our insane and intrepid crew is surrounded by badasses in league with Hammerhead. (He’s the bad guy, or at least the worst guy)

Cosmic Gods Galactic Rumble

The old gods of the universe in a cosmic cage match. I love this “wet energy” pouring out of the horned helmet entity.

Cover to Space Riders no.4

John Arcudi on Space Riders: “There’s nothing subtle about Space Riders, and that’s what makes it so great! An in-your-face, two-fisted, one-eyed, ass-kickin’ that’s equal parts hilarious and volatile…”

I can only ask when they’ll work on the next volume!


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