Astonishing no. 4, 1951 from Atlas

Astonishing no. 4, June 1951, Atlas/pre-Marvel. The lead story, “Screaming Tomb” features Marvel Boy and Starr Ryder, who take on Madame Le Morte. This fright fest and sci-fi mashup is written, rendered and lettered by the great Bill Everett.

Also includes “When a Planet Dies!” When a Uranian water commissioner terrorizes his planet with drought to force his way into power. 

The third Marvel Boy story (all written, penciled and inked by Bill Everett) is “The Walking Ghost”. 

The fourth story is written by Hank Chapman and pencil by long time superman artist Wayne boring called “The Nightmare”. 

I wish we had sales figures from this era I have a hard time to believe that these fun and beautifully drawn stories were not a hit. It’s clear to see that shift towards horror. Possibly a more drab costume would’ve served him better given the shift


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