Strange Tales 114, 1963

The Human Torch vs. Captain America?! 

Dr. Strange vs. Baron Mordo!

Strange Tales 114

Strange Tales no. 114, Nov 1963 from Marvel Comics. This is one of the best of the early Marvel Age Strange Tales, giving us a terrific Human Torch story, the “return” of Captain America, the return of Jack Kirby as artist on the series, and a great Dr Strange vs. Baron Mordo with the first appearance of a woman with latent mystic abilities: Victoria Bentley. Add to that this magnificent Kirby cover and who wouldn’t want it?! A hidden gem from the Marvel Age!!

Here in the third appearance of Dr. Strange, he again tackles his arch-foe, Baron Mordo, now disguised as Clive Bentley.

But the real treat for this issue is to see Jack Kirby back on Torch and reintroducing Captain America into the Marvel Age, we’ll sort of.  We won’t spoil the ending (because Stan asks us not to right on the splash page!!)

And we even get tantalized with Johnny reading an old issue of Captain America Comics (or All-Winners or All-Select or USA Comics or The Human Torch quarterly… Well you get the idea). I think they really missed an opportunity for Johnny to connect with early Marvel Age fans. They could have shown him reading old comics  more often. He read Sub-Mariner, Strange Tales and The Hulk, besides this issue of Cap. Outside of these few early fourth wall episodes, they never used this device again.


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