Astonishing 3

Astonishing no.3, April 1951, Atlas/pre-Marvel. Cover by Bill Everett (and someone else, possibly Carl Burgos). I love the logotype in the masthead. I wouldn’t be surprised if this was the work of Bill Everett as well. I like this one better than the one they’d use starting with issue 6 until the series end during the Atlas Implosion (no.63, Aug 1957…also drawn by Bill Everett and the subject of an earlier post). 

The first story is very weird and titled “Mister Death”. Omar Kayyam Rasch runs a spiritualist cult, where he scams members out of life insurance policies and then murders them to collect.

The second story is “The Runaway Planet” and is more sci-fi. 

“Fright” is a straight-up suspense thriller by Bill LaCava. 

The final story is another Bill Everett masterpiece of detail and lush brushwork called “Time-Bomb Terror” when a femme fatale gets mixed up with Dynamite Carr, who is actually fronting for s communist cell.


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