Tales to Astonish no.8, 1960

Tales to Astonish, no 8, March 1960, Atlas/Pre-Marvel. This one is packed with art from Marvel Age artists Jack Kirby (rare inking by Ditko), excellent Don Heck art, Steve Ditko pencils), and terrific work by Paul Reinman. 

One of my favorite tales from the pre-Marvel monster era is “I Live Again!” Which is somewhat of a continuing story from last issue’s “I Spent Midnight with the Thing from Bald Mountain” except the animated statue is much larger this time. The artwork and writing on this tale are exceptional. 

Splash from “I Live Again!” by Steve Ditko, co-creator of Spider-man and Dr. Strange. The story is from Tales to Astonish no.8, March 1960 from post-Atlas/pre-Marvel. In 1956-57, Atlas produced more titles per month than any other publisher, but from Oct 1957 through the early Marvel Age, they were forced to only publish 8 titles per month through Independent News.

“Mummex – King of the Mummies” seems more up Kirby’s alley but Don Heck serves up some of his best work. 

“I Dared Defy the Floating Head” and “I am the Genie” are passable stories with good art. I love this issue’s cover by Ditko.


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