The Phantom Stranger no.11, 1971

Neal Adams cover for The Phantom Stranger

Phantom Stranger no.11 Jan-Feb 1971. Cover by Neal Adams. “Walk Not into the Desert’s Sun!” by Gerry Conway and Jim Aparo. 

I love when DC used the creepy Bat icon for their horror titles. 

The splash starts off with a bang with an intriguing narration. “Night has been the bane of man’s rationality — the creeping fingers of twilight provoke the lesser emotions…emotions such as fear….credulity of the seemingly supernatural.” An ominous purple energy field appears over major cities around the world. When tragedy strikes, the victims vanish as if swallowed by the night. A suicide victim vanishes in mid-flight. A space capsule splashes down only to be found empty. A glowing pyramid appears in the Sudan. 

The Phantom Stranger investigates and meets a young woman named Lynn also making the trip. A series of tragic events leads to fatalities. Just when the tale couldn’t get any weirder, the Messiah of Evil takes center stage. Can the Phantom Stranger protect Lynn from the Army of Evil?

Not the greatest story but nice art and a striking cover.


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