Crypt of Shadows no.7, 1973

Crypt of Shadows no.7, Nov 1973, Marvel. Cover art by most likely by Mike Ploog and Marie Severin. 

The Crypt of Shadows reprinted Atlas Era horror comics, most of them pre-code. The first ten issues are highly enjoyable. Though this issue has one of the best covers, the interior selection is s low point of the series, but still an interesting look back. 

“The Haunting of Bluebeard” from Mystic 10, from 1952, has excellent bold brushwork from Tony DiPreta but is just okay in its story. 

Reprinted from the same issue is “The Man Who Saw Tomorrow” with art by longtime Fantastic Four inker Joe Sinnott. 

“Death and Tommy Norton” is an odd story about a boy whose aunt wants him out of the way. 

Finally “The Twin” from Mystery Tales with detailed period art by Myron Fass has twin brothers who take sibling rivalries to extremes. 

This copy is in excellent shape, but sadly it’s not worth much. Collectors really undervalue this series. On the positive side, that means quality copies can be picked up cheaply as a way to experience pre-code Atlas horror.


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