Fear no.7, 1972

Fear no.7, 1972 from Marvel

Fear no.9, Aug 1972 by Marvel. This is the last of the original format for this series before turning to Adventures into Fear (first with Man-Thing and then with the Living Vampire). 

Gil Kane and Frank Giacoia provide a dynamic cover for this issue and the interior story selection builds to a great send off to this venerable Bronze Age horror anthology series. 

First up, reprinted from Tales of Suspense, a little dose of Jack Kirby with “I Entered the Dimension of Doom”. 

Next an amazing original first printing for Bill Everett collaborating in a tale written by Mimi Gold called “The Greatest Magician of All”. Everett captures amazingly fine and delicate linework with his brush for this story with artwork unlike anything he’s ever produced before, building on his cover for Sub-Mariner 57. The story is as chilling as the artwork. 

Finally, we have “Dead Man’s Escape” by Joe Maneely. Dry Tortugas is the forgotten island of the world’s worst criminals, but one prisoner figured out a way off intermingled with the dead bodies that they dropped into the water, only something hungers in the dark deep water, feeding on those discarded corpses and now Tony Paris comes face-to-face with this monstrosity. This story is reprinted from Adventures into Terror no.11, 1952. Stan Lee often wrote for Maneely stories, but he usually signed his work. 

My copy of this classic is quite beat up, but it’s held up to multiple readings.


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