Chamber of Darkness no. 3, 1970

Chamber of Darkness no.3, Feb 1970, from Marvel. I love this cover by John Buscema. (I admire nearly all his covers.) 

This issue features three original stories: “The Warlock Tree”, Edgar Allen Poe’s “Tell-Tale Heart”, and “Something Lurks On Shadow Mountain!” Creators on this issue are Barry Windsor-Smith, Gerry Conway, Denny O’Neill, Tom Palmer, John Buscema, and Roy Thomas. 

In the first tale, American Dave admonishes his English girlfriend for her superstitions. To prove his point, he carves her name into an ancient and sacred tree. The tree now compels her under a fierce storm. Can Dave rescue the girl before she releases the long-dead warlock? 

In the last tale, George decides to go hiking to forget the past. Soon, he meets a mysterious woman on a lonely mountaintop. When she asks him to help with the lid of a large box, he doesn’t think twice, even when he realizes how light it is. Things really get rolling when a lumbering form crawls out of the coffin-like chamber. The creature merely brushed up against plant life and it instantly decays. What horror has he unleashed on this world?


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