Amazing Adult Fantasy 7, 1961

Amazing Adult Fantasy no.7, Dec 1961 from Marvel. The magazine that would spawn Spider-Man reformatted from the typical atomic monster run of Amazing Adventures with this issue, the first to be rebranded as “Adult” and “the magazine that respects your intelligence”. The rest of the run was a Steve Ditko – Stan Lee exclusive mag. The first story is one of the best in their run until the wall crawler himself.

“Why Won’t They Believe Me?” has a man stumble across an alien wreckage in the middle of the forest. He finds the aliens’ log book about their invasion plans to assume the identity of humans, but finds no evidence of the ET. When he tries to warn the local citizenry, no one will believe him. This story was retold by Gene Colan and Stan Lee in Silver Surfer no.3 in a Tales of the Watcher story and a slightly different version by Byrne and Roger Stern in Marvel: the Lost Generation 11, with Skrulls as the invading aliens.

“The Last Man on Earth” has an interesting story about a wealthy man who gets tired of all the doomsday tension of the Cold War, builds a state-of-the-art bomb shelter to wait out the impending nuclear war and then lets humanity to their own devices. He didn’t prepare himself for what he finds when he eventually emerges to a world without humans.

“Witch Hunt” finds a woman accused of witchcraft. At the end of her trial, she’s the one who is surprised.

“Journey’s End” is the hundredth story about time machines and paradoxes but still manages to be original with its twist ending.

“The Icy Fingers of Fear” is an interesting morality tale about what humanity really means when earthlings have First Contact, but the story is a bit heavy handed.



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