Dead of Night no.1, 1973

Dead of Night no.1, Dec 1973. I love this John Romita cover in this debut issue of another Bronze Age horror title. What a horrific looking zombie. Unlike the other titles that Marvel launched prior to this one, Dead of Night started out as a reprint title. 

This first issue reprints Adventures into Weird Worlds no.6 from 1952. “The Ghost Still Walks” by Joe Sinnott starts off with “a man may die, and his body may be buried deep beneath the damp earth, but there are times in the Dead of Night when… the Ghost Still Walks” What a way to kickstart this series! 

Jim Mooney does a wonderful job on “House of Fear!” An investigator takes a young reporter to a haunted house to debunk it. When he shoots a stray cat, you know (and hope) that he gets his karmic justice. 

“My Brother…the Ghoul” by Hank Chapman and some of George Roussos best art ever (Roussos was a frequent inker on early Marvel Age comics, most likely starting with Fantastic Four no.1) 

Lastly, “He Dwells in a Dungeon” has truly macabre work by Werner Roth.


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