Vault of Evil 20, 1975

Vault of Evil no.20, Aug 1975 from Marvel. Cover by Ron Wilson and Mike Esposito. When I cropped the photo, the cover copy was cut off… 

“The Druids Dance at Dusk!” The first story is from Stan Lee and Steve Ditko. 

“Quogg!” was originally published in Tales to Astonish no.30 from 1962. A man on the run decides to ignore the warnings about a horrible creature and hide. 

“The Stranger in Space” by John Forte comes from Journey into Mystery 53 from 1959.

 “A Scream in the Night” by Vince Colletta and at least edited by Stan Lee when it originally ran in Adventures into Terror 30 in 1954 (pre-code). Even with the code revisions, I’m surprised it made it into this issue in 1975. 

“The Warning” is by Bernie Krigstein from Uncanny Tales 54 in 1957.


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