Marvel’s Fear no.7, 1972

Fear no.7, May 1972, Marvel. Cover by Gil Kane & Frank Giacoia. 

“I Dream of Doom!” by Jack Kirby, Dick Ayers (possibly written by Stan Lee and his brother, Larry Lieber) from Strange Tales 96, 1962. Freddy Kruger has nothing on this guy. Kirby always had an interest in dreams and this one is really out there. 

“The Curse of M’Gumbu” by Stan Lee and Paul Reinman from Journey into Mystery 61, 1960. 

“The Thing Behind the Wall!” by Steve Ditko from Journey into Mystery 66, 1961. A demon called Marak from the Dark Dimension makes an appearance more than two years before Dr Strange journeys there. Incredible Ditko art. 

“The Martian Who Stole My Body” by Kirby, Ayers from Journey into Mystery 57, 1960. A man and his dog, Spot, are all that stands between Earth and a Martian invasion. I love Kirby’s Martian design. This is one of the better issues of Fear, even if the page count is back to regular over the double-sized 25 cent issues that launched this venerable series.


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