Phantom Stranger no.16, 1971

The Phantom Stranger no.16, Nov-Dec 1971 with the creepy DC Black Bat logo. Another amazing cover from Neal Adams. 

Len Wein and Jim Aparo collaborate on the cover story, “Image in Wax”, especially when Dalia reverts to one of the hideously dead. 

The last story is by Len Wein and Tony DeZuniga “And the Corpse Cried Murder” from Doctor Thirteen, the Ghost-Breaker series. A ghostly TV executive rises to plead with Thirteen to find his murderer and prove he didn’t commit suicide. 

Mark Merlin, Sleuth of the Supernatural is featured in “The Threat of the Horrible Hex” by Arnold Drake and Mort Meskin, originally printed in House of Secrets 64, 1964.


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