Sub-Mariner no.34, 1954


Sub-mariner no.34 June 1954 by pre-Marvel Atlas. Cover by Carl Burgos but Namor’s head might be a paste-up by Everett. Namora dangles from an icy overhang in the background. Inside, three tasty stories by Bill Everett (writing, pencils, inks and lettering) and one Human Torch story by Dick Ayers and Hank Chapman.

The first Namor story is very weird. Namor discovers an undersea realm that’s been capturing crews from vanished vessels. When he runs into the Queen of the realm, she orders him to be tortured. The beast assigned the task turns out to be a huge fan of Subby and helps him escape. Now the tables turn and Namor takes the Queen hostage, only she tells Namor that she had too much pain when she was alive!

The second story features a blowout of the simmering jealousy between Namora and Betty. Both stories have incredible Everett art. Too bad the panels weren’t larger.


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