Chamber of Chills 13, 1952 from Harvey

Chamber of Chills no.13, Oct 1952 from Harvey. Cover by Al Avison, once working in the Simon-Kirby studio on Captain America and then replacing the duo as lead Penciler on the top Timely/Marvel series.

“The Man in the Hood” by Bob Powell is a period piece during the Reign of Terror in 1793-1794 France, “The Lost Race” by Abe Simon has a terrifying ending, “The Man Germ” by Howard Nostrand is an interesting take on the Fantastic Voyage (though that film was made more than ten years later), and “The Things” by Moe Marcus when cut-throat explorers decide to pilfer the gems from a sacred idol, the curse unleashes a ravenous tide of creepy crawlies.

Also in this issue, a one-page comic on the Stories Behind the Stars, retelling Greek legends about the constellation Hydra.

Finally, the text story is called “Clutching Fingers” and the terror that awaits a young couple out for a midnight swim in the sea on a sweltering night. Harvey usually had readable text stories, sometimes even good. This one started out pretty good.


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