Chamber of Chills 23, 1954 from Harvey

A little too late for Valentine’s
Chamber of Chills no. 23, May 1954 from Harvey Horror has the infamous French Kiss from Beyond the Grave cover by either Warren Kremer or Lee Elias. The ever-present woman in red has a look of terror on her face as the corpse leans in for a little sugar. She tears his rotted clothes along with the last pieces of flesh from his back. Nasty! If possible, the actual story is more macabre than the cover.

In the cover story, “Heartline”, Manny Stallman and John Giunta provide a twisted tale of a mad surgeon who’s discovered a method for heart transplants at the same time that he falls in love. (The first successful heart transplant in a human wasn’t completed until 1967.)In sheer horrific irony, his young fiancé dies of a heart attack on the day he announces his achievement to the world. Not wanting to be without his young love, he strives to keep her body alive while he struggles to revive her heart. With her heart too damaged from the trauma, he digs up a cadaver and uses his heart instead. When his bride comes back from death, it’s not the doctor’s lips she seeks. Instead, her heart belongs to another, shambling through the muck of the cemetery even now…

“Invasion” by Jack Sparling has a man going mad, babbling about alien invaders who abhor violence but have been slowly replacing key members of society in their takeover. These aren’t your run of the mill Bug-Eyed Aliens; these aliens look just like you and me except they can move things with their minds… they can even walk through walls. Doctor Shaw writes him off as an incurable paranoid delusional… just before he walks through a wall.

“The Museum” by Bob Powell takes place in a “Murderer’s Museum” of wax.

“Dust Unto Dust” by Howard Nostrand is a creepy tale about vengeance from beyond the grave.




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