Tomb of Terror 16, 1954 Harvey

Tomb of Terror no.16, July 1954 from Harvey. Cover by Lee Elias. The shock horror title’s last issue features one of the best covers in the run. Inside, the stories don’t fare as well. “Going, Going, Gone”, “All Keyed Up”, “Tag You’re It” and “The Report”. 

“Tag, You’re It” is an interesting take on the vampire story, where a vampire attacks a young boy playing in his own yard. Mother and father begin to suspect each other as bodies pile up and the police comb the town. 

“All Keyed Up” by Jack Sparling has a wealthy older man keeping secrets from his young wife. They both collect things – her collection happens to be wealthy men. Now she finds out he holds his most prized collection in a basement vault unlocked by a secret key. What’s the secret treasure in the vault over which she’s willing to commit murder. 

“Going, Going, Gone” by Joe Certa and John Giunta is about a killer who murdered an innocent woman before being shot by a cop. Now two doctors contemplate the morality of using an untested experiment to save him, knowing what he did.


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