Werewolf By Night no.38, 1976

Werewolf By Night 38, May 1976 from Marvel. “A new beginning for the macabre moon-beast” pronounces the cover and the Mighty Marvel Checklist.

Though Don Perlin’s art isn’t quite as good as Mike Ploog or Tom Sutton, he still offers up great storytelling. This issue is one of his strongest offerings for the series with an amazing cover. 

The narrative starts out like the opening of Outer Limits, warning about “The Three Who Are All” and returning control of the narrative to Jack Russell. Ominous.

A pack of wolves attacks Jack as the Werewolf, echoing the cover scene. He fights back savagely. Pretty nasty stuff for Code approved comics. 

 Mack shoots at the remaining wolves and takes Jack back to his cabin where he tells him about his kidnapped daughter. It’s an interesting story, especially for 1976. 

The ending is a bit surprising, while the Cowled One, the Burning Snake and the Goat Child look on. Brother Voodoo also has a brief cameo. Doug Moench offers up a decent script but not to the level of his work on Master of Kung Fu.

Doug Moench and Don Perlin were the creative team for more than half of the series, including a couple of Giant-Size Werewolf entries. Perlin’s first foray into the Werewolf was on Marvel Team-up with Ross Andru. This work was better than any of his work on the main title.

Of course, you can judge for yourself by reading Werewolf By Night Omnibus, reviewed here.


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