Monsters Unleashed no.1 2017

Monsters Unleashed no.1, March 2017, Marvel. Cover by Steve McNiven, Jay Leisten and David Curiel.

This $4.99 30-page debut of the mini-series has 34 heroes fighting a plague of monsters plummeting to Earth from space.

I’m a huge fan of the Atomic Monsters from pre-Marvel, so I hotly anticipated this one, finally purchasing a new Marvel for the first time since Namor was beheaded and Cap said “Hail Hydra!”

McNiven and Leisten’s interior art isn’t quite as good as the cover, but it’s still well above most books. I think Cullen Bunn meant for this to be a fun departure from hero-on-hero violence and it mostly succeeds in that department.

Occasionally, the dialogue includes some odd phrases, such as Cap/Falcon saying “Gods and demigods — start punching that monster until it’s in an unpopulated area!” Wouldn’t it have been easier to say “Thor, Herc…”

Since the rise in popularity of Bendis, many Marvel writers seem to write generically for all characters in their stories. Any bit of dialogue can be uttered by any character. Uniquess of voice seems to be a lost art.

There are too many characters introduced in this issue. The new reader doesn’t get to know any of them. There appears to be a lot of action but nothing really happens here.

I am looking forward to more Elsa Bloodstone and Fin Fang Foom, Gorgilla and Goom. Hopefully, they’re utilized more fully before the series ends.

The pricetag is hard to justify though (price per page is slightly lower than the normal-sized monthlies, but $5 for a monthly floppy on thin paper with a shelf life who knows how long…) I’ll look at no.2 on the shelf and make up my mind then. I do applaud Marvel for trying something really different.


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