Marvel Star Wars Box Set

Marvel’s fourth Slipcase Box Set celebrates the return of Star Wars to Marvel Comics and the proud history of the franchise with the House of Ideas.

Star Wars (2015) no.1 sold more than a million copies, making it the biggest comic event in twenty years.

Incidentally, Star Wars (1977) also sold more than a million copies when it debuted for Marvel as well. This was the first million copy single issue in comics in 15 years. Strong sales for the series help save Marvel from the edge of oblivion in the late 70s, according to former Marvel Editors-in-Chief  Jim Shooter and Roy Thomas. This starred us thinking: What other comics crossed the million copy mark? 

This Box Set is smaller in page count than the previous three and has a lower retail price of $350 (Civil War was $500).

Slipcase for Star Wars Box Set
Like the previous Marvel Slipcase Box Sets, the Star Wars edition comes in a gorgeous and sturdy Slipcase with a fold-over cover and magnetic catch.

Opened, the slipcase reveals the spines of the twelve volumes and the Star Wars logo
Opened, the front cover swings open to reveal the twelve editions, each with a portion of the Star Wars logo on the spine.

Like the previous collections, the individual volumes have matching artwork painted and wrapped for these hardcover editions specially-prepared for the Box Set.

Front cover art for the twelve volumes of Star Wars
All volumes have the logo with knock out artwork in the lettering and listing the collected stories in each volume.

Back cover artwork
The back covers have similar knock outs for the icons (Empire, Rebel Aliiance, First Order or Republic). I only wish that this artwork was larger.

This collection is 25.6 lbs and 2200 pages. By comparison, Civil War was 35.6lbs and 4210 pages.

The collection contains the first seven Star Wars movie adaptations. Volumes four, five and six are recolored.

1 – The Phantom Menace (1999)

2 – The Attack of the Clones (2001)

3 – The Revenge of the Sith (2005)

4 – A New Hope (1977, recolored)

5- The Empire Strikes Back (1980, recolored)

6 – The Return of the Jedi (1983, recolored)

7 – The Force Awakens (2016)

8 – The Shattered Empire (2015, 2016)

9 – Star Wars (2015)

10 – Darth Vader (2015)

11 – Heroes for a New Hope (2015)

12 – The Marvel Covers (2015)

I’m planning to do individual volume reviews in the future so check back.

This could’ve been bigger and better. Vader Down was just as good as the first twelve issues. Vader had 25 issues, the annual and Vader Down. Poe Dameron, Kanan, Doctor Aphra, Han Solo, etc. Maybe they are building up to a second Box Set a few years from now.

Without hyperbole, “Star Wars” 2015 and “Darth Vader” 2015 are two of the best comic series of our era. The artwork, the writing, the coloring are all superb. To a large degree, these two series overshadow the movie adaptations.

Shattered Empire, C:3PO, Princess Leia and Chewbacca are all excellent series as well.

On the recoloring, Sotocolor did a great job on some panels and not so great on others. One of my favorite covers from the old Marvel series was the Bounty Hunter cover from Empire. Sotocolor decided to put a 3D rendered planet behind them, in full crisp focus. It destracts from the lineart and ruins a classic cover.

The Marvel Covers includes the variants for Star Wars, Darth Vader and Princess Leia. These variants are some of the finest artwork ever produced for the franchise by the biggest names in the business. The volume also includes writeups and interviews with some of the talent involved with these series, highlighting their labor of love, their profound first memories of the movies and their intense passion of the characters. They met with Lucasfilm, immersed themselves in memorabilia, had discussions about the plots and generally ensconced themselves in all things Star Wars.

Alex Maleev’s Warp 9 variant cover of Star Wars no.1, March 2015
Alex Maleev’s Warp 9 cover for Pop Comics was limited to 3000 copies out of the 1.1M sold.

Christopher Party Variant of Star Wars no.1, 2015
The Christopher Party variant by John Tyler Christopher has Jaxxon, the six foot tall green rabbit from the last issues of Roy Thomas’ run on the title trying to force his way into the party with the stars of the original movie. They’re trying to be quiet but Vader’s breathing gives them away.

Already, the Box Set is showing as 91k sellers rank on Amazon and it isn’t shipping until tomorrow. Civil War had been out for a year and is ranked at 730k!


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