Daredevil Comics, 1941

No relation to Marvel’s Daredevil

Daredevil Comics no.2, Aug 1941 from Lev Gleason / Comic House. Indicia says Your Guide Publications, Inc. Cover by Charles Biro. “Will Daredevil’s boomerang foil the Kiss of Death?” 

This is the original Daredevil, more than twenty years before Bill Everett and Stan Lee create a blind hero by the same name. Daredevil faces a zombie seductress called the Princess Sheba and her Kiss of Death. It’s pretty bizarre when Pierce brings her rotted corpse back from the dead and “takes on the role of father, mother, and teacher…” Okaaay… 

Speaking of blind heroes, Nightro the Streamlined Robin Hood, has his vision impaired when a club to the back of his head forces radium into his eyes. He soon finds out that he can see at night with special glasses. 

The best feature is Real American from Dick Briefer. Lawyer Jeff Dixon, son of an Indian chief, becomes the fierce and righteous Bronze Terror when he dons a terrifying ceremonial skull mask. I love the character design. 

Pat Patriot, America’s Joan of Arc has a great issue from Bob Wood (signed as Chuck Woodro) and Frank Borth. This origin story comes months before Wonder Woman’s debut.

The Claw is written and drawn by Bob Wood. Also in this 68-pager is London, Whirlwind, the Pioneer, and Dash Dillon.


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