Real American no.1 featuring the Bronze Terror

From the pages of the original Daredevil no.2, August 1941, came the short-lived serial called Real American no.1 by Dick Briefer starring the first Native American superhero. 

Lawyer Jeff Dixon, son of Chief White Falcon, fought against the injustices against his people by gangsters and corrupt politicians. When the legal system ran its course and justice was still to be meted out, Dixon transformed into the Bronze Terror, lethally punishing those evil forces. Though Jeff Dixon is a highly acclaimed lawyer, the local courts are corrupt, so the Bronze Terror always had to balance the scales in the end.

Dick Briefer created a great design for rider and horse alike. Black Moon was an imposing steed for a frightening superhero.

The Bronze Terror mostly used fist fighting but he also was an amazing archer, sometimes using flaming arrows to strike fear in the bad guys.

The Bronze Terror riding Black Moon. Art by Dick Briefer.

Jeff’s sweetheart, Lilly, had it bad for the masked hero with the bare chest and sculpted features


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