Monsters Unleashed no.2

Monsters Unleashed no.2, April 2017 from Marvel. Written by Cullen Bunn. Art by Greg Land and Jay Leisten. 

Each issue of “MU” disappoints further. I like that it’s a bit of light-hearted fun, but there’s very little character development, all the dialog feels like it could be uttered from a single character, and there is no dramatic tension. 

The heroes are shouting throughout, but none come across as being in jeopardy. Even the younger heroes like Miles or Kamala don’t flinch at atomic monsters falling from space. Some of these characters just strapped their superboots on. Wasted opportunities to depict the magnitude of the threat. Instead, they act like this is the same as punching out a normal bank robber.

What was the point of uncovering Kirby’s creations if they get vaporized in two pages? Lady Thor punches the Creature from Vandoom with one lightning-powered punch and he’s vaporized. 

This series feels link a phenomenally wasted opportunity to add to the ranks of adversaries for the heroes after Marvel has abandoned their classic rogue’s gallery.


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