Diary Secrets no.10, Feb-March 1952

Another great cover from March 1952, this one Diary Secrets no. 10 with art by the great Matt Baker, published by St. John Publishing. Few illustrators captured beautiful women as perfectly as Baker did in the Golden Age. 

I love the titles to these stories! “I Spelled Ki$$e$ the Wrong Way!” and “Too Many Dates Were My Downfall” both by the fantastic Ruth Atkinson, “Was I Too Young for Love” by Dana Dutch and Lily Renee, and a text story called “I Played Hide and Seek with Love!” 

The best one is the story by Matt Baker called “They Called Me a Wayward Girl” where a young girl gets fired from her job because the wolf of the town hits on her. Her parents get upset that she lost her job so she decides to date him. People start to talk, he tells her his connections can get her into movies, and her dad calls her a tramp! All the while the nice boy from the drive-in pines away. 


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