The Beyond no.1, 1950

The Beyond no.1, 1950

“The Werewolf Strikes” on the cover of The Beyond no. 1, Nov 1950 from Ace Magazines. Cover art most likely by Warren Kremer, in a dynamic layout with the werewolf reaching off the page to grab the reader by the throat. 

This first issue had some strong stories for 1950: “The Werewolf Strikes” echoing Dr Jekyl or Dr Banner, Professor Drago is a scientist seeking a cure from his lycanthropy. Can he avoid suspicion long enough to destroy the murderous beast within him? 

“The Reluctant Ghost” features a sinister spectre summoned by a power hungry group looking to wield the awesome reality-bending force the phantom possesses. Like the Monkey’s Paw, this tale holds a warning to be careful what you wish for. 

“The Phantom Puppet” has a puppeteer create his masterpiece, a puppet of Jack the Ripper. When the audience is aghast at the sheer brutality of the performances, the puppeteer pleads in vain that it’s not him, that the puppet had somehow come to life. Now the puppet wants to add his blood to the list of his crimes. 

” Master of the Undead” by Al Hartley is very similar to another zombie writer story I recently read but I can’t find the doppelgänger at the moment. To research his novel, a writer travels to Haiti where he’s met by the Master of the Undead, who, oddly enough, wants to have his story told. 


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