Chamber of Chills no.22, 1954

Chamber of Chills no.22, 1954 by Harvey. Cover by Lee Elias. This is one of my favorite Harvey horror covers. The scene echoes the last panel from the second story, “Reincarnation”, by Jack Sparling.

 “The Ugly Duckling” is by Manny Stallman. The splash to this is an illustration of the mosaic mask of Tezcatlipoca, the skull of the smoking mirror, from 1400 to 1521 AD. It’s not clear what connection it has to the story, but it’s creepy looking and a neat archeological find. The Aztec deity was the Sower of Discord and led people down the path of evil. Here Jed Barnes suffers a terrible accident with a precision cutting machine. He wore bandages for months until he stopped Ruth from committing suicide. They fall in love and she says his disfigurement doesn’t matter, but on their honeymoon, her curiosity won’t be denied. Nothing could prepare her for the hideous sight… 

“The Lottery” by John Giunta is a dark journey into a utopian society that three explorers stumble into deep under the Earth’s surface in Centralia. One thing seems absent to this perfect society. They are about to ask but are whisked away to the lottery. All three are selected. When they race down the tunnel to get their prizes, a horrible fate awaits them. 

“The Skeptic” is an interesting war/horror tale when a squad takes cover in an old house, only to find coffins, weird masks, and restless spirits in the house. Is it shellshock or an even more terrifying answer?


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