Haunted Horror

Haunted Horror no.5, June 2013 by Yoe Books. Original cover from Mister Mystery 8, Nov 1952. Cover by Tony Mortellaro and Bernard Bailey. Zombies flying through portholes! What kind of cruise ship is this? Sign me up! Special sports edition, reprinting classic pre-code horror comics.  Field of Dreams has nothing on “The Man Who Lost… Read More Haunted Horror

Thor 155, 1968 

The Mighty Thor no.155, August 1968 by Marvel (indicia says Atlas Magazines). Cover by Jack Kirby and Vince Colletta. The epic continues.  I can’t imagine being lucky enough to take this off the rack when it was first published. The twisted and grotesque Mangog looms over Thor with only his enchanted hammer between the universe… Read More Thor 155, 1968